Korua: Yearning For Turning #5 - Hokkaido Hustle

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Korua: Yearning For Turning #5 - Hokkaido Hustle

Freitag. Feierabend. Vorfreude aufs Wochenende. Und zur Motivation gibt's schon mal das neue „Yearning For Turning“-Video aus dem Hause Korua Shapes. Diesmal im Programm: Hokkaido Hustle.

After having spent too much time at trade shows we started growing restless and felt the urge for exploration take over. With no specific plan or agenda we embarked on a trip to Japan, leaving behind all expectations and letting local friends as well as our own curiosities guide our way to the goods. Travelling with that kind of mindset opens doors to new experiences and leaves room for spontaneity. Each day we saw new places, had different adventures, met kind and welcoming people, and enjoyed plenty of powder.

Featuring: Atsufumi Mizuno, Nicholas Wolken, Aaron Schwartz, Stephan Maurer & Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

Filming: Aaron Schwartz, Stephan Maurer, Neil Hartmann & Nicholas Wolken
Editing: Stephan Maurer
Graphics: Aaron Schwartz