Buried Alive: Real Life Avalanche Burial & Rescue

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Buried Alive: Real Life Avalanche Burial & Rescue

"On December 9th 2019, a crew of Jones team riders headed out into the Lake Tahoe backcountry for a multi-day avalanche rescue course. The goal of the training session was to practice avalanche beacon searches and backcountry rescue skills. On the first morning of the course, the team started the day with a sunrise shred lap. Little did they know, this pre-training shred session would test their rescue skills like never before.

After six riders had already safely ridden the run, Jones filmer Greg Weaver dropped in and set off a mid-slope avalanche that carried him to the bottom of the face and fully buried him face down, three feet under the snow. Several team riders witnessed the slide and immediately jumped into action to rescue Greg. The team's previous rescue training paid off as they found him and dug him out in under four minutes.

We're humbled to share the story of this accident, and the lessons learned from everyone involved, as an educational tool to help your readers understand how to avoid such a nightmare, and why it's critical to practice your avalanche rescue skills every season."

Jones Backcountry Safety Hub
Avalanche awareness and basic first-aid are critical skills for the backcountry rider.
Start or refresh your avy and emergency rescue education here and take a course to solidify your knowledge.

Jones ist also pushing an initiative encouraging backcountry users to turn their transceiver on when they put it on; read more on that here. (Jeremy Jones' New Year's Resolution)

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