Horizon Lines: Episode 2 - Japan

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Horizon Lines: Episode 2 - Japan

Forrest Shearers erste „Horizon Lines“-Episode widmete sich unter anderem Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones, einem Segelboot und Snowboarden bzw. Surfen in Island. Teil zwei der Reihe hat nun die japanische Snowsurf-Kultur im Programm. Fazit: Sehenswert. Sehr sogar.

"We immersed ourselves in a culture and way of life, which we ultimately deemed “Hokkaido Style.” This encompassed a well-rounded approach to each day. Everyone we visited would take time to stretch and do yoga before going to the mountain. We were welcomed to their home resort or area, and they were eager to take us to their favorite zones. There was no localism or attitude; it was all-inclusive and about making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. Afterwards, we would eat amazing food and recount our favorite moments of the day. Tan tan, sushi, udon, and curry soup and would warm us after long days in the mountains. As if it were a necessity, we would always end up at the local onsen–the Japanese hot springs prevalent in every area we visited. Visits to the hot springs would provide necessary relaxation, decompression, and meditation. Each day felt healthy, happy, and complete. Our time spent on this schedule provided a glimpse into a very rich and full lifestyle free of concern or anxiety."

Fahrer: Kenichi Miyashita, Osamu Okada, Kenji Kato, Griffin Siebert, Kael Martin, Forrest Shearer, Andrew Miller, Orange Man, Kazumasa Yamada, Rip Zinger, Yuta Watanabe und Taro Tamai.

Auch in dieser Saison 2018/19 widmet sich diese Special Ausgabe wieder einem Thema: Powder. Mit dabei sind Austen Sweetin, Jerome Tanons Reisebericht aus dem Karakorum-Gebirge in Pakistan, ein etwas anderer Trip quer durch Europa, Splitboarden in Georgien, Snowboard-Realitäten im Pazifischen Nordwesten, die neuesten Splitboard- und Powder-Produkte, Backcountry Knowledge mit risk'n'fun und vieles mehr. Viel Spaß mit dem Pleasure Powder Special 2019.