The Crap Show Documentary 4/6

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The Crap Show Documentary 4/6

The fourth instalment of The Crap Show Documentary is a tribute to James Niederberger. Without the influence of James, The Crap Show series wouldn’t have been as unique and remarkable. Let’s be honest, Laax and its snowpark have set a certain standard when it comes to freestyle snowboarding in Europe. The Crap Show was created in order to show the world what we’re doing up on the Crap Sogn Gion and James has been the star of the show since the early days of its existence.

Throughout the years of working, riding and filming with James, he left such a big impression on us that we thought he deserves an entire episode of the documentary, dedicated to him as most remarkable and memorable Crap Show rider.

James’ remarkability goes way beyond his abilities on a snowboard. Now hit that play button and find out what other Crap Show riders have to say about him!

Stay tuned, because we will drop more Crap Show history in part 5 next week!

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