The Crap Show Documentary Part 2

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The Crap Show Documentary Part 2

The Crap Show Documentary looks back on 10 amazing years of making snowboarding videos on LAAX’s Crap Sogn Gion and its snowparks. The first part of the documentary focussed on the birth of the freestyle culture in Laax and the people that made it possible.

Part II is dedicated to the most remarkable and memorable riders of The Crap Show. We’ve talked with some of the established Crap Show riders - the Legends so to say - and brought in a bunch of the newer generation of riders to share their thoughts on each other, the parks and The Crap Show in general. In this episode, you’ll find out what guys like James Niederberger and Alexander Tank have to say about Lucas “Yung Doli” Baume and Kevin Trammer. On the other hand, you’ll hear youngbloods like Elio Fumagalli and Florian Fischer talk about the “Oilers and Friends” gang.

This episode also looks back on a few memorable episodes and moments from the past 10 years of filming and riding for the show.
Our filmer, Lukas “Blume” Rösli dug deep into the archives to bring up some of his favorite shots, while PistenBully driver Lukas Züst ads his perspective as a groomer and Joos Caviezel brings up memories from a few years back.

Keen to find out more about the past decade of Crap Shows? Stay tuned, because Part III will drop soon!

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