The Crap Show Documentary- Part 3 (ENG)

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The Crap Show Documentary- Part 3 (ENG)

During the past decade of making snowboarding videos in our parks in Laax, we followed quite a few remarkable and very talented female riders.
This episode of “The Crap Show Documentary” is dedicated to the girls!
Sina Candrian, Celia Petrig, Hrund Hanna Thor and Elena Graglia are just a few of a great number of girls who showed their skills in front of Blume’s lens in the past few years.
But if you’ve been following The Crap Show for a while, you for sure know Joëlle “JJ” Juchli and you’re probably aware of the insane amount of style she carries along.

Saying her riding inspired a lot of girls to ride our park is an understatement! Her insane performance in The Crap Show was a driving factor of the existence of a vivid girls snowboarding scene in LAAX.
In this episode, we let the girls do the talking themselves, so just hit the play button already and find out what JJ has to say about the girls in LAAX and let’s hear what motivated Celia to come and ride our parks.

Stay tuned, because we will drop more Crap Show history in part IV in a week from now!

A very special thanks goes out to all the girls that have been participating in “The Crap Show” in the past 10 years - also the ones we didn’t mention in this episode.

Produced by Snowpark LAAX/Joos Caviezel
Edited by Lukas Blume Rösli
Filmed by Lukas Blume Rösli, Mathias Wittwer and and many other friendly snowboard enthusiastic people

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