Fotobuch-Kickstarter: "A Stich in Time" by Hamish Duncan

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Fotobuch-Kickstarter: "A Stich in Time" by Hamish Duncan

Hamish Duncan ist ein ziemlicher Charakter. Der ehemalige schottische Pro-Snowboarder hat in der Saison 2018/19 nicht nur das Gefährt für Patagonias "Worn Wear Tour" durch die Alpen gefahren, sondern das Ganze auch noch fotografisch dokumentiert. Die dabei entstandenen Bilder werden in Hamishs zweitem Fotobuch "A Stitch in Time" zu sehen sein. Die Crowdfunding-Kampagne dafür läuft bis zum 10. April 2020 auf Kickstarter.

Worum es bei "A Stitch in Time" geht, erklärt Hamish im Folgenden:

The world is teetering on a precipice of climate catastrophe and nowhere is more prone to its withering effects than the Alps and communities they support.

Is there a stitch that we as individuals can make to help preserve the fabric of these mountain environments?

Hamish Duncan’s proposed book, A Stitch In Time - shot in the spring of 2019 on the European Worn Wear Repair Tour - shows us, in a poetic series of portraits, breathtaking landscapes and documentary vignettes, the unique qualities of this fragile environment and challenges us to thread the first stitch in its conservation.

A Stitch in Time is only the beginning…

A Stitch in Time – Warum?

A Stitch In Time is a very personal project for Hamish. He spent many years in the Alps as a professional snowboarder and knows first hand the splendour, cruelty – it was here that he suffered a life-changing injury – and vulnerability of the mountains and their communities, and he cares deeply about their preservation.

This nuanced documentary of the Alps, captured in the timeframe of the 2019 European Worn Wear Repair Tour, is of profound anthropological importance, as it captures the mountains and the lives that thrive in them at a time of great environmental flux.

What Hamish presents in A Stitch In Time may never exist in the same form again. Through A Stitch In Time Hamish freezes a precious moment in his home from home and urges us to act now – in whatever way we can - to conserve this treasured and unique environment.

Die Kickstarter-Kampagne für "A Stitch in Time" läuft noch bis zum 10. März 2020. Für gerade mal zehn britische Pfund kann man seinen Namen im Buch verewigen, für 30 Pfund gibt's das Buch inklusive eigenem Namen im Buch. Wer unabhängige Printprojekte zu schätzen weiß, sollte sich definitiv eines der Exemplare sichern. Eine Übersicht über alle Belohnungen gibt's auf Kickstarter.

Mehr von Hamish gibt's auch auf Instagram und seiner Website,

Über Hamish: I am Hamish Duncan, an ex-professional snowboarder turned social documentarist. I record contemporary social issues, focusing on environment, identity and mental health through the medium of photography. My pictures are a representation of my intuitive sense of metaphor and creative vision, and in series form dictate nuanced narratives on my chosen subjects. Past projects include ‘Balaenidae’, a series of typologies on Amsterdam’s plastic pollution, for the NGO Plastic Whale; and TwentyTwo, a photographic exploration of the shadow self, from which an image, ‘Fountain of Youth Niland’, was selected for the final exhibition of Wells Arts Contemporary in 2018.