Lars Popp & Gray Thompson neu im FW-Team

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Hanna Eggebrecht

Lars Popp & Gray Thompson neu im FW-Team

Bei FWApparel gibt es Neuigkeiten: Lars Popp und Gray Thompson gehören ab jetzt zum Team. 

At FW, we design high performance apparel to protect and enhance your outdoor experience. Converging on the banks of Lake Annecy, a dedicated design team combines their passion for outdoor culture with a relentless drive to innovate. Our main inspiration comes from boardsportssuch as snowboarding and surfing. These rich cultures of expression influence our vision for the outdoors. We’re building a team of ambassadors who share that drive; a team of snowboarders, surfers, shapers, creators and visionaries who are challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the industry. In January 2021, we are excited to welcome two new ambassadors to the FW team: snowboarders Lars Popp and Gray Thompson.


Hailing from Laax, Switzerland, Lars started out as the over-stoked kid, dreaming of being like the big guys in the videos. His unique journey in snowboarding has led him to develop a fresh, creative and inspirational style of sliding.Lars says, “I can’t say where I want to go with my snowboarding, I don’t think there’s an ultimate destination. I just want to keep snowboarding, and if I somehow motivate people to do the same, that’s beautiful.”Ollies to carves, carves to ollies, we can’t wait to see more Popp!

Aaron Schwartz


Growing up in San Francisco, Gray’s interest in snowboarding was sparked by the skate culture that was deeply entrenched in the city. For Gray, snowboarding represented an escape from city life and a sense of freedom.Fast forward to today and Gray has carved out an unconventional career in the industry, from film producer, to pro snowboarder, to board shaper, to mountaineer.He uses snowboarding as a vehicle to explore life and brings a refreshing perspective and cutting-edge style that we are excited to have on the team.