Natural Selection Tour 2021 (DE/ENG)

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Natural Selection Tour 2021 (DE/ENG)

Natural Selection Tour, the first winter sports tour to showcase the world’s top riders from Olympians to big mountain film icons, debuts live, exclusively on Red Bull TV from Jackson Hole this February 3-9. These invited riders will be competing on some of the planet’s most exciting natural and naturally-enhanced terrain in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Baldface Lodge, British Columbia and Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska. Top finishers will go head-to-head in Alaska, where the best men’s and women’s all-mountain freestyle riders will be crowned in late March.

Die Natural Selection Tour, die erste Wintersporttour, die die weltbesten Rider - von Olympioniken bis hin zu Big-Mountain-Filmikonen - vorstellt, wird vom 3. bis 9. Februar live und exklusiv auf Red Bull TV aus Jackson Hole übertragen. Die eingeladenen Fahrer werden in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Baldface Lodge, British Columbia und Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska, auf einigen der aufregendsten natürlichen und naturbelassenen Terrains des Planeten antreten. Die Top-Finisher werden sich in Alaska ein Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen liefern, wo Ende März die besten All-Mountain-Freestyle-Fahrer bei Männern und Frauen gekürt werden.

Sage Kotsenburg
Robin van Gyn
Jackson Hole
“The Natural Selection Tour is designed with Mother Nature as the main character, and with mutual respect for and from snowboarding,”
Travis Rice

In 2021, Elias Elhardt, Ben Ferguson, Sage Kotsenburg, Nils Mindnich, Mark McMorris,Chris Rasman, Travis Rice and Gigi Rüf are the first riders announced competing on the men’s side. Jamie Anderson, Robin Van Gyn, Elena Hight and Marion Haerty will be dropping in for the women. The second half of the riders list will be announced for both men and women in January.

- A manifestation of Rice's wildest dreams - the star of breathtaking snowboard films The Art of Flight, The Fourth Phase and Dark Matter - the innovative format will ensure full creative expression and require a deep knowledge of backcountry conditions to reign supreme.

- Sixteen men and eight women will ride the complex zone, rich with natural features, which used to be one of the most rugged inbound terrains at Jackson Hole.

Rice and Canadian X Games star McMorris will be joined by Gigi Rüf, Sage Kotsenburg, Elias Elhardt, Nils Midnich, Arthur Longo (TBC), Ben Ferguson and Chris Rasman alongside another eight men while Jamie Anderson, Robin Van Gyn, Elena Hight and Marion Haerty will feature with four more riders for the women.

Rice, 38, added: "This terrain was only recently opened to the public and is truly ideal for this event. Builders have been working hard to accentuate the natural features and enhance the rideability and safety of this terrain with limitless variations of contest runs."

The second stop from February 28-March 7 will be at Baldface Lodge's Scary Cherry in Canada, a freerider's dream with 80 massive natural drops, kickers and other features spread on the powder-coated, 40°-plus slope.

A men's and women's champion will be crowned in the remote backcountry of Alaska on March 20-27 with the top four men's and two women's finishers facing off on arguably one of the best venues on the planet for riders to push the boundaries of big mountain freestyle riding.
Olympic gold medallist Anderson, 30, said: "I've had the privilege to compete in all kinds of slopestyle, but never a backcountry powder event. The course looks awesome and I'm definitely nervous, but really excited to try something new! It's going to be insane!"
The Natural Selection Tour has partnered with Conservation International to develop and execute an impactful sustainability strategy, including carbon neutral events and conservation-themed initiatives.